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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SCE4310Teaching Elem School Science
SCE4313Science for all Students
SCE4320Teach Mthds Middle Grade Sci I
SCE4863Sci/Tech/Society Interaction
SCE4936Senior Seminar in Science Ed
SCE4940Intern Science Ed
SCE4941MS Science Ed Internship I
SCE4945Secondary Sci Ed Practicum
SCE5325Methods Mid Grades Science Ed
SCE5937Life Science
SCE5937Teach MGs Life and Marine Sci
SCE6315Teaching Ele School Science
SCE6416Tchng Sec Sch Biology
SCE6634Cur Trends in Second Sci Ed
SCE6645Math/Sci Ed Pol/Change Imp
SCE6855EL Biology & Ocean Science
SCE6876MG Biology & Ocean Science
SCE6906Ind Study: Science Education
SCE6938Top in Sci Ed: Field Practicum
SCE6947Internship Secondary Edu Sci
SCE7910Directed Research: Sci Educ.

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