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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AFA2000Intro to the Black Experience
AFA2380History and Theory of Genocide
AFA4150Africa and the United States
AFA4335Black Women in America
AFA4430Afro-Diasporic Lit & Pol Mvmts
AFA4500Slavery in Amer and Caribbean
AFA4713Haiti: Legacy
AFA4900Directed Readings
AFA4931African American Film Culture
AFA4931Afro Diasporic Literature and
AFA4931Black Women in Film & Media
AFA4931COVID-19 and the African Diasp
AFA4931Grad. Seminar on Contemporary
AFA4931W. Africa Cultural Expressions
AFA4931Women in Africa and the
AFA6108Soc Constructn Race and Racism
AFA6355African Am Com Research
AFA6387Genocide and Human Rights
AFA6805African Historiography
AFA6905Independent Study
AFA6910Directed Research
AFA6932Afro-Diasporic Lit & Pol Mvmts
AFA6932Comparative Colonialism
AFA6932Grad. Seminar on Contemporary
AFA6932Haiti: Legacy

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