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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AML3031Am Lit From Begin to 1860
AML3032Am Lit From 1860 to 1912
AML3041American Lit, 1860-Present
AML3051Am Lit From 1912-1945
AML3243Amer Lit 1945-Present
AML3604African American Literature
AML3630U.S. Latino/a Lit in English
AML3674Asian American Lit and Film
AML411119th-Century American Novel
AML412120th-Century American Novel
AML4261Literature of the South
AML4300Selected American Authors
AML4931Amer Literary Movements & Genr
AML4933Studies in Amer Lit & Culture
AML4933Studies in Amer Lit & Culture:
AML6017Early Florida in the Colonial
AML6017Studies in Am Lit to 1860
AML6018Studies in Am Lit 1860-1920
AML6027Studies in Modern Am Lit
AML6608African American Literature
AML6608Studies: Theory and Practice
AML6637Studies in US Latina/o Lit

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