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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CCJ3014Crime and Justice in America
CCJ3024Survey Criminal Justice System
CCJ3117Theories of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3336Prisoner Reentry & Recidivism
CCJ3621Patterns of Criminal Behavior
CCJ3701Research Mthds Crim Justice I
CCJ3718Applied Statistics in Crime
CCJ4072Crime Mapping with ArcGIS
CCJ4224Miscarriages of Justice
CCJ4361Death Penalty
CCJ4487Ethics and Criminal Justice
CCJ4604Abnormal Behav/Criminality
CCJ4613Forensic Psychology
CCJ4651Drugs and Crime
CCJ4662Race and Crime
CCJ4681Domestic Violence
CCJ4900Directed Readings
CCJ4910Directed Research
CCJ4930Critical Issues in Policing
CCJ4933Crime in the Information Age
CCJ4933Crime Mapping
CCJ4933Crime Prevention
CCJ4933Race and Crime
CCJ4933Serial Killers
CCJ4933ST: Critical Issues in
CCJ4933ST: Forensic Investigation
CCJ4933ST: Fraud: Cons, Scams, and
CCJ4933Terrorism & Homeland Security
CCJ4933TOP: At Risk Youth & Crime
CCJ4933Top: Gangs
CCJ4933TOP: Media and Crime
CCJ4933Top: Mental Health, Law, Crime
CCJ4933Top: Myths of the CJ System
CCJ4933Top:Cybercrime and CJ System
CCJ4933Top:Drugs&STDs among JJ Youth
CCJ4933Topics: Hate Crimes
CCJ4934Sem: Crimes of the Powerful
CCJ4934Sem: Homicide in the US
CCJ4934Sem: Juvenile Homicide
CCJ4934SEM: Sexual Violence
CCJ4934Sem: Social Control
CCJ4934Sem:Criminal Law & Society
CCJ4934Sr Sem: Human Trafficking
CCJ4934Sr. Sem: Crime, Media & Pop
CCJ4934Sr. Sem: Drugs, crime, society
CCJ4939 Senior Capstone Seminar
CCJ4940Internship Crim Justice Majors
CCJ6057Cybercrime Capstone
CCJ6118Introduction to Crim Theory
CCJ6485Crim Justice and Public Policy
CCJ6602Profiling Cybercrime
CCJ6624Seminar in Violence
CCJ6638Sem: Race & Crime
CCJ6638Sem: Transnational Crim
CCJ6669Seminar in Social Inequality a
CCJ6705Research Methods Criminology
CCJ6706Quant Analysis Criminology I
CCJ6905Directed Independent Study
CCJ6905Ind Study- CyberCRIME Capstone
CCJ6910Directed Research
CCJ6930Current Issues in Corrections
CCJ6932Issues in CJA
CCJ6935Juvenile Del. & Juvenile
CCJ6935MACJ Capstone
CCJ6935Research Methods II
CCJ6935Sel Topic:Profiling Cybercrime
CCJ6935Sem: Crimes of the Powerful
CCJ6935Seminar: Victimology
CCJ6935STC: Digial Evidence Rec&Coll
CCJ6936Current Issues in Law Enf
CCJ6937Pro Seminar in Criminology
CCJ6971Thesis: Master's
CCJ7605Theories of Crim. Behavior I
CCJ7726Research Meth Criminology II
CCJ7910Advanced Research
CCJ7980Doctoral Dissertation

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