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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CGN3021LCivil Engineering Laboratory
CGN4851Concrete Construction Material
CGN4905Independent Study
CGN4933Civil Engineering Lab
CGN4933Environmental Engineering Lab
CGN4933ENVISION Sustain Communities
CGN4933Resilient and Sust Infrastruct
CGN6311CIntro to Data Science
CGN6720Electrochemical Diagnost Tech
CGN6906Independent Study
CGN6933Adv Comp Solid Mechanics
CGN6933Adv Concrete Constr. Materials
CGN6933Adv. Numerical Methods
CGN6933Comp. Meth. Transportation Mod
CGN6933Computer Appl Transport Eng.
CGN6933Ecological Engineering
CGN6933ENVISION Sustain Communities
CGN6933Intro to Data Science Lab
CGN6933Leadership in Engineering
CGN6933Professional Practice for CE
CGN6933Resilient Infrastructure
CGN6933Stat & Econometric Methods
CGN6933Systems at Food Energy Water
CGN6933Timber and Masonry
CGN6933Transportation Economics
CGN6933Water Resources Sustainability
CGN6941Graduate Instruction Methods
CGN6945Graduate Research Methods
CGN6950Mentoring Novice Researchers
CGN6971Thesis: Master's
CGN7915Directed Research
CGN7980Dissertation Doctoral

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