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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM111General Chemistry I
CHEM111Honors: General Chemistry I
CHEM120Chemistry of Life
CHEM216Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM301Organic Chemistry I
CHEM324Analytical Chemistry
CHEM401Physical Chemistry I
CHEM450Career and Professional Development
CHEM471Biochemistry I
CHEM474Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM480Environmental Chemistry
CHEM481Undergraduate Research
CHEM483Undergraduate Research in Chemical Education
CHEM488Honors Thesis
CHEM498IN: Biochemistry Lab Theory
CHEM498IN: Chem Coach for Gen Chem
CHEM498IN: Organic Chem I Lab
CHEM498IN: Organic Chem I Lecture
CHEM498IN: Plastic Recycling w Enzyme
CHEM498IS: Organic Chem I Lab

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