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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CRW2100Narration and Description
CRW3013Creative Writing
CRW3111Form and Technique of Fiction
CRW3112Fiction I
CRW3121Fiction II
CRW3311Form and Technique of Poetry
CRW3312Poetry I
CRW3321Poetry II
CRW4924Advanced Creative Writing:
CRW4924Reading & Writing the
CRW4930Creative Non-Fiction
CRW4930Ghost Stories
CRW4930Hybrids & Experiments
CRW4930Writing the Novel
CRW6025Craft of Creative Nonfiction
CRW6025Spec. Topics Creative Writing
CRW6130Fiction Writing
CRW6164Craft of Fiction
CRW6236Nonfiction Writing
CRW6331Poetry Writing
CRW6352Craft of Poetry
CRW6726Pract. Edit and Publishing

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