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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ECH3002Intro Chem & Biomolecular Eng
ECH3023Material & Energy Balances
ECH3240LChemical Engineering Lab I
ECH3266Transport Phenomena I
ECH3702Instrument Systems I
ECH3854Engineering Computations
ECH4123Chemical Engr Thermodynamics
ECH4241LChemical Engineering Lab II
ECH4323Process Dynamics and Control
ECH4415CReaction Engineering
ECH4418Separation Processes
ECH4504Reaction Engineering
ECH4605Product & Process Systems Engr
ECH4680Product Design & Manufacturing
ECH4715Safety and Ethics
ECH4846Numerical Methods in Chem Engr
ECH4905Independent Study
ECH4931ChE Thermodynamics I
ECH4931Industry Chem Proc & Proc Tech
ECH4931Leadership in Engineering
ECH4931Modern Biomedical Technologies
ECH4931Problem Solving for Defense
ECH4931ST: Adv Topics in Peer Leading
ECH4931ST: Peer Leading in ChE
ECH4931ST: Solar Energy & Apps.
ECH4931Theory & Design of Bioprocess
ECH4936Undergraduate Seminar
ECH4944Industry Internship
ECH5931ST: Solar Energy & Apps.
ECH5945ChE Industry Internship
ECH6105Advanced Thermodynamics I
ECH6107Molecular Thermodynamics
ECH6285Advanced Transport Phenomena
ECH6412Processes Analysis & Modeling
ECH6840Math Methods for Chem Eng
ECH6906Directed Research
ECH6907Independent Study
ECH6930Trans. Electron Microscopy
ECH6931Electrochemical Diagnost Tech
ECH6931Industry Chem Proc & Proc Tech
ECH6931Leadership in Engineering
ECH6931Problem Solving for Defense
ECH6931ST: Graduate Seminar
ECH6931ST: Solar Energy & Apps
ECH6931ST: Solar Energy & Apps.
ECH6971Thesis: Master's
ECH7915Directed Research
ECH7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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