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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ECON1104Economics of Gender
ECON1204Economics of Race
ECON2005Principles of Economics
ECON2006Principles of Economics
ECON2025HHonors Principles of Economics
ECON2894Intro Philosophy Politics Econ
ECON2994Undergraduate Research
ECON2994HUndergraduate Research
ECON3024Economic Justice
ECON3104Microeconomic Theory
ECON3144Economics of Regulation
ECON3204Macroeconomic Theory
ECON3214Money and Banking
ECON3254Analysis of Economic Data
ECON4014Environmental Economics
ECON4044Public Economics
ECON4074Labor Economics
ECON4084Industry Structure
ECON4136International Economics
ECON4144Economics of China
ECON4214Economics of Health Care
ECON4304Econometric Methods
ECON4424Theo Games Econ Beh
ECON4434Experimental Economics
ECON4884Adv Philosophy Politics Econ
ECON4964Field Study
ECON4974Independent Study
ECON4994Undergraduate Research
ECON4994HUndergraduate Research
ECON5005Prices and Markets
ECON5016Money and Price Level
ECON5124Mathematical Econ
ECON5125Empirical Economics
ECON5946Econometric Theory & Practice
ECON5974Independent Study
ECON5994Research and Thesis
ECON6004Strategic Behavior
ECON6104Labor Economics
ECON6554Panel Data Econometrics
ECON6994Research Seminar
ECON7994Research and Dissertation

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