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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDCI1004Prof Dispositions in Elem Ed
EDCI2004Exploring Teaching Profession
EDCI2574Social Foundations Education
EDCI2614The Reading Mind
EDCI3024Issues of Schooling in the US
EDCI3144Educ Excptnl Learners
EDCI3334Teaching LA in Elem Classroom
EDCI3354STEM in Elementary Schools
EDCI3964Field Study
EDCI4014History Lab: Tech & History
EDCI4244Curr & Instr Middle Math 4-8
EDCI4454Engr. Leadership/Mgmt
EDCI4724Sec School Teaching Methods I
EDCI4734Adolescent Literacy & Reading
EDCI4744Sec School Teaching Method II
EDCI4974Independent Study
EDCI4994Undergraduate Research
EDCI5104Schooling in American Society
EDCI5204Elem Sch Curriculum
EDCI5264Comp and Cont Rdg
EDCI5554Educ Except Learners
EDCI5556Reading Specialist Practicum
EDCI5564Literacy Coaching
EDCI5604Assess & Diagnose Math Class
EDCI5704Contemp Issues in Music Ed
EDCI5744Tchg in Mid & Sec Schls II
EDCI5764Externship in Education
EDCI5774Problems in Education
EDCI5824STEM Education Trends & Issues
EDCI5834STEM Education Research
EDCI5894Final Examination
EDCI5904Project and Report
EDCI5964Field Studies in Education
EDCI5974Independent Study
EDCI5994Research and Thesis
EDCI6024Analysis Ed Concepts
EDCI6054Acad Writing for Ed Res
EDCI6505Reading Research Seminar
EDCI6944Professional Seminar
EDCI7754Internship in Education
EDCI7964Field Studies in Education
EDCI7994Research and Dissertation

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