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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDEL5004Sch Pers Adm/Inst Sup
EDEL5024School Law
EDEL5114Leader and Change in P-12 Educ
EDEL5134Curriculum Leadership P-12 Ed
EDEL5164Research, Assess K-12 Leaders
EDEL5974Independent Study
EDEL6024Public School Budgeting
EDEL6034Plan Ed Facilities
EDEL6044Gov and Pol in Educ
EDEL6104Lit Rev in K-12 Ed Leadership
EDEL6114App Qual Res K-12 Educ Ldrshp
EDEL6124Advanced K-12 School Law
EDEL6924Professional Seminar
EDEL7994Research and Dissertation

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