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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDF2005Intro to Teaching Profession
EDF2085Edu,Diversity,&Global Society
EDF3122Learning and Developing Child
EDF3132Child and Adol Dev
EDF3214Human Development/Learning
EDF3228Human Behavior/Envrnmtl Select
EDF3514History of Education in the US
EDF3604Schools and Society
EDF4124Child Growth and Learning
EDF4430Measurement for Teachers
EDF4440Measure and Assess of Students
EDF4490Global Studies in Rsrch Design
EDF4909Dir Study: Educ Foundations
EDF6120Child Development
EDF6165Group Proc for Ed Personnel
EDF6166Consult Skills Staff Dev
EDF6211Psych Foundations of Ed
EDF6215Learning Princ App Instruction
EDF6217Behav Theory/Class Learning
EDF6284Problem Instu Design Computer
EDF6354Human/Dev Personality Theories
EDF6407Stat Analysis Ed Res I
EDF6432Foundations Of Measurement
EDF6481Found Educational Research
EDF6492Appl Ed Program Evaluation
EDF6517Hist Found of American Ed
EDF6531History of Childhood
EDF6705Gender and the Ed Process
EDF6809Comparative Education
EDF6883Issues in Multicultural Ed
EDF6938Science of Physique Enhncmnt
EDF6941Practicum Meas Eval & Resear
EDF6944Field Experience
EDF6971Thesis: Mast/Ed Specialist
EDF7118Lifespan Development
EDF7138Adolescent Development
EDF7357Applic Dev Theories
EDF7359Resilience/Human Development
EDF7408Stat Analysis Ed Res II
EDF7410Design Sys Studies in Ed
EDF7412Structural Equations in Ed
EDF7426Action Research in Schools
EDF7436Rasch Measurement Models
EDF7437Adv Educat Measurement I
EDF7439Item Response Theory
EDF7477Qualitative Research in Ed I
EDF7478Qualitative Research in Ed II
EDF7484Stat Analysis Ed Res III
EDF7485Theory/Prac Prog Evaluation
EDF7497Theory/Practice Personnel Eval
EDF7530History of Higher Ed in the US
EDF7682Ed in Metropolitan Areas
EDF7910Dir Rsch: Measurement & Eval
EDF7930Professional Seminar
EDF7934Seminar in Soc Found of Ed
EDF7940Pract in Ed Plan/Eval/Devel
EDF7946Sup Exper in College Teaching
EDF7947Research Practicum

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