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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EEX3751Enhanc Fam Invol in Ed
EEX4012Foundations of Special Educ
EEX4070Integ Exc Stu in Reg Class
EEX4084UDL for Exceptional & Diverse
EEX4202Context and Foundations
EEX4221Assessment of Excep Students
EEX4242Instructional Decision Making
EEX4742Narrative Persp Exc: Cul & Eth
EEX4764Instr. and Adapt. Technology
EEX4880Integrated Internship 6-12
EEX4942Prac Exp Teacher Candidate Edu
EEX6025Trends & Issues in Special Ed
EEX6051Creat Pos Learn Env Std w/Dis
EEX6065Transitions: Low Incidence
EEX6222Adv Psych-ed Assess Exc Stu
EEX6245Tran Prog Adol/Yng Ad Exc Stu
EEX6247Impl Prog for Stud w/Dis
EEX6476Curric & Instruc Low Incidence
EEX6612Man/Motiv of Exc/At-Risk Stu
EEX6767Assistive Tech Low Disab SpEdu
EEX6906Ind Study: Special Education
EEX6939Adv Sem: Par/Prac/Pol Spec Ed
EEX6943Pract in Exceptional Stu Ed
EEX7425SPED Leadership Studies
EEX7429SPED Teacher Education
EEX7745Hist, Eth, & Disp Found SP ED
EEX7910Directed Research

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