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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EGN1113Intro to Design Graphics
EGN3000Foundations of Engineering
EGN3000LFoundations of Engineering Lab
EGN3331Mechanics of Materials
EGN3331LMechanics of Materials Lab
EGN3343Thermodynamics I
EGN3353Basic Fluid Mechanics
EGN3365Materials Engineering I
EGN3373Electrical Systems I
EGN3374Intro to Electrical Systems II
EGN3375Electromechanical Systems
EGN3420Engineering Analysis
EGN3433Mod & Analysis of Eng Systems
EGN3443Prob/Statistics for Engineers
EGN3615Engr Econ Social/Global Impltn
EGN3940Prof Engineering Internship
EGN4366Materials Engineering II
EGN4450Introduction to Linear Systems
EGN4453Numerical & Computer Tools I
EGN4454Numerical & Computer Tools II
EGN4905Independent Study
EGN4930Bulls LEAD - Leading Others
EGN4930Bulls LEAD-Leading One Self 1
EGN4930Leadership in Engineering
EGN4930Learning Team for Calc 1
EGN4930Learning Team for Calc 2
EGN4930Learning Team for Chemistry
EGN4930Learning Team for PreCalc
EGN5424Engin Apps of Complex Analysis
EGN5940Engineering Internship
EGN6333Continuum Mechanics

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