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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EIN4180Principles of Engineering Mgmt
EIN4200Creativity in Technology
EIN4312CWork Analysis
EIN4352Engineering Cost Analysis
EIN4364Facility Design/Cost Analysis
EIN4385Management of Technical Change
EIN4453Advanced Lean Six Sigma
EIN4621Manufacturing Processes
EIN4890Senior Design Project I
EIN4933Cyber Analytics
EIN4933Leadership in Engineering
EIN4933Principles of Engin Management
EIN4933Sequencing and Scheduling
EIN4933TQM Concepts
EIN5182Principles of Engin Management
EIN5201Creativity in Technology
EIN6106Technology and Law
EIN6108EM - Human Relations
EIN6154Technical Entrepreneurship
EIN6183Engin Manage Policy & Strategy
EIN6386Management of Tech Change
EIN6430Overview Regulated Industries
EIN6518Systems Integration
EIN6934Engineering Analytics I
EIN6934Engineering Programming
EIN6934Leadership in Engineering
EIN6934Sequencing and Scheduling
EIN6934Technical Venture Strategies
EIN6935Cyber Analytics
EIN6935Strategic Marketing Assessment
EIN6936Analytics for Dynamical Syst
EIN6936Deep Learning Analytics
EIN6936Markov Decision Processes
EIN6936Research Seminar
EIN6936Venture Capital & Priv Equity
EIN6971Thesis: Master's

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