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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGL111CL: Principles of Coll Comp
ENGL111Honors: Principles of Coll Com
ENGL111Honors: Principles of Coll Comp
ENGL111Principles Coll Comp
ENGL111Principles of Coll Composition Makers
ENGL111Principles of College Composition
ENGL112Critical Reading and Writing in the Digital Age (WI)
ENGL200Literary Texts and Contexts
ENGL201Honors: Readings in World Lit
ENGL202British and Commonwealth Literature
ENGL203Readings in American Literature
ENGL300Introduction to English Studies (WD)
ENGL306Professional Writing
ENGL307Business Writing
ENGL309Fiction Writing
ENGL310Poetry Writing
ENGL312Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL330British Literary History I
ENGL331British Literary History II
ENGL340American Literary History
ENGL402Teaching Writing: Theories and Practices
ENGL407Professional Editing
ENGL411Advanced Playwriting
ENGL414Topics in Literature
ENGL420Introduction to Literary Criticism. (WD)
ENGL424The Study of Children's Literature
ENGL425The Study of Adolescent Literature
ENGL442Early American Literature
ENGL451Contemporary Literature
ENGL453The Female Literary Tradition
ENGL454Literature and the Environment
ENGL463Grammar and Language for Teachers
ENGL464The History of the English Language
ENGL470The Author in Context (WD)
ENGL472Readings in Shakespeare
ENGL496Senior Seminar. (WD)
ENGL525The Study of Adolescent Literature
ENGL563Grammar and Language for Teachers
ENGL600Introduction to Literary Scholarship
ENGL607Business Writing & Editing
ENGL611Creative Writing
ENGL622Assessment in Digital and Online Language Arts
ENGL639Studies in 20th Century Literature
ENGL644Studies in American Literature I (to 1861)
ENGL648Studies in Oral and Written Literature of Appalachia
ENGL651Teaching College Composition
ENGL698Directed Study
ENGL699Research and Thesis

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