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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENL3015British Literature to 1616
ENL301617th Century British Poetry:
ENL3017Studies in 19th C Brit Lit
ENL3026Studies in 20C Lit
ENL3026Studies in 20th C Lit:
ENL3230British Lit 1616-1780
ENL3251British Lit 1780-1900
ENL3273British Lit 1900-1945
ENL3331Early Shakespeare
ENL3332Late Shakespeare
ENL3334Shakespeare Hist. Perspective
ENL411218th-Century British Novel
ENL412219th Century British Novel
ENL4132Brit Novel: Conrad to Present
ENL4203Introduction to Old English
ENL4303Selected British Authors
ENL4501Medieval and Early Modern Lit
ENL4930ST: Studies in British Lit &
ENL4931Studies-British Lit & Culture
ENL6206Studies in Old English
ENL6216Introduction to Middle English
ENL6226Early English Drama
ENL6226Global Shakespeares - Film,
ENL6228Global Shakespeares
ENL623618th Century Literature
ENL6246Romantic Era Writing & Ecocrit
ENL6276Mod Brit Lit: Joyce & Beckett

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