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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENPM600Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineers
ENPM610Digital VLSI Design
ENPM611Software Engineering
ENPM613Software Design & Implementation
ENPM616Wireless Communications: Concepts and Technologies
ENPM622Energy Conversion I - Stationary Power
ENPM631TCP/IP Networking
ENPM640Rehabilitation Robotics
ENPM645Human-Robot Interaction
ENPM651Heat Transfer for Modern Application
ENPM660Wind Energy Engineering
ENPM662Introduction to Robot Modeling
ENPM667Control of Robotic Systems
ENPM670Advanced Energy Audit and Conservation
ENPM672Fundamentals for Thermal Systems
ENPM677Wireless Sensor Networks
ENPM687Digital Forensics and Incidence Responses
ENPM691Hacking of C programs and Unix Binaries
ENPM694Networks and Protocols
ENPM696Reverse Software Engineering
ENPM808Advanced Topics in Engineering
ENPM808AAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Machine Learning
ENPM808JAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Design of Experiments
ENPM808OAdvanced Topics in Engineering; AI-Based Software Systems
ENPM808PAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Printed Electronics
ENPM808WAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Data Science
ENPM808XAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Software Development for Robotics
ENPM809ASpecial Topics in Engineering; Applied Cryptography
ENPM809BSpecial Topics in Engineering; Building a Manufacturing Robot Software System
ENPM809FSpecial Topics in Engineering; Internet of Things
ENPM809JSpecial Topics in Engineering; Cloud Security
ENPM809NSpecial Topics in Engineering; Data Mining
ENPM809YSpecial Topics in Engineering; Introductory Robot Programming

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