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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FLE4314Foreign Lang Teaching Elem Sch
FLE4316Lang Principles & Acquisition
FLE4317Teach Stu Ltd Eng Prorficency
FLE4390Teaching Foreign Languages
FLE5145Language Princ., Acq. and Teac
FLE5313FLES Methods
FLE5345Teach Eng Lang Learners K-12
FLE5895Dual Language Education
FLE6167Cross-Cult Issue in Teach ESOL
FLE6665Cur Trends Second For Lang Ed
FLE6829Grad Instruction Methods
FLE6906Ind. Study in For. Lang. Ed.
FLE6932Sel. Topics in Sec. Lang. Acq.
FLE6947Internship Scndary Ed Frn Lang
FLE7939Adv Sem Foreign Lang. Educ.

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