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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GEOS1004Introduction to Earth Science
GEOS1024Earth Resources, Soc, & Env
GEOS1034Earths Natural Hazards
GEOS1054Age of Dinosaurs
GEOS1064Climate History
GEOS1104Intro to Earth Sciences Lab
GEOS1124Earth Res, Society & Env Lab
GEOS2014Mission to the Planets
GEOS2024Earths Dynamic Systems
GEOS2104Elements of Geology
GEOS2974Independent Study
GEOS3404Elements of Structural Geology
GEOS3624Soils Laboratory
GEOS4084Modeling with GIS
GEOS4174Exploration Seismology
GEOS4254Integrative Earth System Histo
GEOS4264Sedimentary Basins
GEOS4354Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOS4634Environmental Geochemistry
GEOS4714Volcanic Processes
GEOS4804Groundwater Hydrology
GEOS4974Independent Study
GEOS4994Undergraduate Research
GEOS5014Earth System History
GEOS5024Prof Develop & Ethics Geosci
GEOS5084GIntermediate GIS
GEOS5264Advanced Sedimentary Basins
GEOS5354GAdvanced Remote Sensing
GEOS5634GAdv Environmental Geochemistry
GEOS5714GAdvanced Volcanic Processes
GEOS5804GAdvanced Groundwater Hydrology
GEOS5974Independent Study
GEOS5994Research and Thesis
GEOS6104Geodesy in the Earth Sciences
GEOS6304Adv Topics Paleont
GEOS6504Earth Materials Analysis
GEOS6604Simulation & Modeling in GEOS
GEOS7994Research and Dissertation

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