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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HSC2000Intro to Health Professions
HSC2017Careers in Public Health
HSC2100Contemporary Health Science
HSC2130Sex, Health, & Decision-Making
HSC2400First Aid
HSC3002Orientation Health Professions
HSC3503Principles of Toxicology
HSC4172Women's Health: Public Health
HSC4211Health, Behavior, and Society
HSC4430Occupational Health and Safety
HSC4504Foundations of PH Immunology
HSC4537Medical Terminology
HSC4551Survey of Human Diseases
HSC4573Foundations of Food Safety
HSC4579Maternal and Child Health
HSC4624Foundations of Global Health
HSC4630Understanding U.S. Health Care
HSC4631Critical Issues in Public Hlth
HSC4851Health Scien. Internship
HSC4932Spec Topics in Health Sciences
HSC4933Independent Study
HSC4933Interprofessional Education
HSC5036Prof Foundations of Hlth Educ
HSC6552Commu-Based Prevent Behav Hlth
HSC6556Pathobiology of Hum Dis I
HSC7268Professional Foundations III

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