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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IDS1505Intro Research in BC Sciences
IDS2192Global His and Pol Since 1945
IDS2231Intro to Global Sustainability
IDS2378Interdis Knowledge & Learning
IDS2600Research in Community Settings
IDS2912Undergrad Research Exp
IDS2931Black Women in Film & Media
IDS2931Intro to Research Behav/Comm
IDS3115Values and Choices
IDS3947Education Internship in Belize
IDS3949Co-Op Education, Parallel
IDS4377Community-Based Arts Practice
IDS4910Community Research
IDS4914Adv Undergrad Research Exp
IDS4930Dev Health Professions Portfol
IDS4930Human Resources in Hlth Care
IDS4930Innovative Thinking
IDS4930Internship: Student
IDS4930Nat'l Security Intel Certifica
IDS4934Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS
IDS4942Community Internship
IDS4942Field Work
IDS4942Individual Research
IDS4949Co-Op Education, Alternating
IDS5921Teaching Assistant Training
IDS5922Preparing for College Teaching
IDS6207Renewable Fuels
IDS6216Implementing the UN SDG's
IDS6233Concepts of Sustainability
IDS6234Systems Thinking
IDS6235Econ & Fin for Sustainability
IDS6236Sustainable Tourism Dev.
IDS6245Sust. Water Res. Management
IDS6271Future of Food
IDS6272Research Methods for Sust
IDS6275Policy for Sustainability
IDS6908Independent Study
IDS6935Capstone Research Project
IDS6938Climate Change Adaptation and
IDS6938Energy and Resources
IDS6938Envisioning Sustainability
IDS6938Nav. the Sustainable FEW Nexus
IDS6938Six Sigma Principles for
IDS6938Transdisciplinary Science
IDS6938Water Qual Policy/Management
IDS6940Cooperative Internship
IDS6946Sustainability Internship
IDS6947Service Learning
IDS6948Gallery & Museum Internship

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