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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ISE2004Introduction to ISE
ISE2014Engineering Economy
ISE2204Manufacturing Processes
ISE2214Manufacturing Processes Lab
ISE2974Independent Study
ISE2994Undergraduate Research
ISE3034Tech Comm for Engineers
ISE3214Facilities and Logistics
ISE3414Prob Operations Research
ISE3434Determ Operations Research II
ISE3614Human Factors Ergon Engr
ISE4004Theory of Organization
ISE4005Project Mgmt and System Design
ISE4015Management Systems
ISE4214Lean Manufacturing
ISE4404Statistical Quality Control
ISE4424Logistics Engineering
ISE4644Occup Saf & Haz Cont
ISE4974Independent Study
ISE4994Undergraduate Research
ISE5015Mgt Organizational Systems
ISE5024ISE Seminar
ISE5034Math Prob & Stat for ISEs
ISE5104Operations Research
ISE5124Qual Cont & Reliab
ISE5144Perf & Productivity
ISE5164Trans and Appl of Emerg Tech
ISE5204Manuf Systems Eng
ISE5264Model & Analysis Semicond Mfg
ISE5424Simulation I
ISE5434Project Evaluation
ISE5604Human Information Processing
ISE5614Human Physical Capabilities
ISE5654Human Factors System Design
ISE5734Occup Health Safety Practicum
ISE5804Fundamentals of SE
ISE5834Decision Analysis for Engr
ISE5904Project and Report
ISE5974Independent Study
ISE5994Research and Thesis
ISE6604Visual Displays
ISE7994Research and Dissertation

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