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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LIN2002Language, Culture & Film
LIN2670English Grammar and Usage
LIN3003Language Matters
LIN3010Introduction to Linguistics
LIN4609Language and Technology
LIN4671Traditional English Grammar
LIN4680Structure of American English
LIN4721Second Language Acquisition
LIN4903Directed Reading
LIN4930Computer Assist Lang Learning
LIN5700Applied Linguistics
LIN6081Intro to Grad Study in Ling
LIN6675Grammatic Struct of Am Eng
LIN6910Directed Research
LIN6932Language Learn & Study Abroad
LIN7637Research & Writing in AL
LIN7638Qualitative Research Methods
LIN7911Directed Research - LALS
LIN7980Dissertation LALS

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