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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LIS2005Information Literacy
LIS2937Database Concepts
LIS2937Multimodal Proj w/Glob Pers
LIS3261Intro to Information Science
LIS3352Interaction Design
LIS3353IT Concepts/Info Professionals
LIS3361WWW Page Design/Management
LIS3783Information Architecture
LIS4029Prof & Tech Comm for Analysts
LIS4204Information Behaviors
LIS4273Adv Stats & Analytics
LIS4317Visual Analytics
LIS4365Web Design Technologies
LIS4414Information Policy and Ethics
LIS4477Clinical Decision Support
LIS4482Networks and Communication
LIS4671Intro to Intelligence Studies
LIS4673Open Source Intelligence
LIS4762GIS for Data Science
LIS4785Intro to Health Informatics
LIS4800Introduction to Data Science
LIS4805Predictive Analytics
LIS4930Adv Statistics & Analytics
LIS4930Clinical Decision Support Sys
LIS4930Data Structures
LIS4930Drones for Info Prof.
LIS4930Graphics in Visual Comm
LIS4930Health Information Systems Mgt
LIS4930Independent Study
LIS4930Information and Social Media
LIS4930Information Retrieval
LIS4930Intro to Health Informatics
LIS4930Intro to Intelligence Studies
LIS4930Introduction to Data Science
LIS4930Open Source Intelligence
LIS4930Project Management
LIS4930ST: Cybersecurity Ethics
LIS4930ST: Digital Research Projects
LIS4930ST: E-Health in the Dig Age
LIS4930ST: eHealth in the Digital Age
LIS4930ST: Field Placement in Hlth Sc
LIS4930ST: Info & Comm & Global Soc
LIS4930ST: Intro to GIS
LIS4930ST: The Project Mgmt Exp
LIS4930ST:Project Management
LIS4930Visualization of Big Data
LIS5020Foundations of Lib/Info Sci
LIS5268Microcom Appl Lib/Info Centers
LIS5566Multicultural Lit for Children
LIS5937Adv. Statistics & Analytics
LIS5937Adv. Statistics and Analytics
LIS5937Data Analytics/Prog for Lib
LIS5937Data Management & Practice
LIS5937Drones for Info Prof.
LIS5937Intro to Arch & Records Mgmt
LIS5937Open Source Intelligence
LIS5937Prof & Tech Comm for Analyst
LIS5937Project Management
LIS5937Scholarly Communication
LIS5937Search Eng Soc & Digital Nat
LIS5937Seminar in Public Libraries
LIS5937ST: Copyright for Info Profess
LIS5937ST: Cultural Heritage
LIS5937ST: Digital Storytelling
LIS5937ST: GIS for Info Professionals
LIS5937ST: Internet Governance
LIS5937ST: STEM Youth Lrn in the Lib
LIS5937Teaching Information Literacy
LIS5937Veteran Cybersecurity Seminar
LIS5937Visual Analytics
LIS5937Visualization of Big Data
LIS5937Web Design for Libraries
LIS5937Wikipedia and Knowledge Mgmt.
LIS6026Archives & Records Management
LIS6107Adv Prof Comm for Analysts
LIS6110History of Libraries
LIS6260Fdns Info Science & Technology
LIS6271Research Meth Lib/Info Science
LIS6303Preparing Instructional Media
LIS6404Project Mgmt for Info Prof
LIS6409Intro to Library Admin
LIS6445Seminar in Public Libraries
LIS6455Org/Admin School Media Ctr
LIS6472Sem in Special Libraries
LIS6473Law Librarianship
LIS6475Health Sci Librarianship
LIS6511Collection Develop/Maint
LIS6514Digital Libraries
LIS6515Web Archiving
LIS6564Materials for Children
LIS6565Books/Rel Mat Young Adults
LIS6603Basic Info Sources/Services
LIS6670Advanced Cyber Intelligence
LIS6674Open Source Intel (OSINT)
LIS6700Info Strategy/Decision-Making
LIS6702Adv Intelligence Analytic Mthd
LIS6703Core Concepts in Intelligence
LIS6709Cyber Intelligence
LIS6711Organization of Knowledge I
LIS6906Independent Study
LIS6933Vet Cyber/Intel Seminar
LIS6946Supervised Field Work
LIS6949Practicum in Arch. and Spec.

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