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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LIT2000Introduction to Literature
LIT2010Introduction to Fiction
LIT2020Intro to the Short Story
LIT2030Introduction to Poetry
LIT2040Introduction to Drama
LIT3022Modern Short Prose
LIT3031Survey of Poetry
LIT3043Modern Drama
LIT3093Contemporary Literature
LIT3101Lit West World Thrgh Renaiss
LIT3102Lit West World Since Renaiss
LIT3103Great Literature of the World
LIT3144Modern European Novel
LIT3155Twentieth Century Literature
LIT3301Cultural Studies & Pop Arts
LIT3353Literature, Race, & Ethnicity
LIT3374The Bible As Literature
LIT3383Image of Women in Literature
LIT3410Religious/Philosophical Themes
LIT3451Literature and the Occult
LIT3513Literature, Gender & Sexuality
LIT3930Contemporary Drama
LIT4233Postcolonial Literature
LIT4386British/American Lit by Women
LIT4930Film Noir and the Femme Fatale
LIT4930Old English
LIT4930Queer Comics
LIT4930Rogue Filmmakers
LIT4930Spc Top:English Studies
LIT4931Selected World Authors:
LIT4931Studies in World Lit & Culture
LIT4933World Lit Movements & Genres
LIT6096ST: Contemporary World Lit
LIT6096Studies in Contemporary Lit
LIT6105Modern European Novel
LIT6236Studies in Postcolonial Lit
LIT6934DH Capstone Project
LIT6934Environmental Literature
LIT6934Narrative Theories and
LIT6934ST: Love and the Lyric

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