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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAE3224Middle School Math Methods I
MAE3941Middle Sch Math Ed Practicum I
MAE4310Teachng Elem (K-6) Math I
MAE4314Math for all Students
MAE4320Teaching Math in Middle Grades
MAE4326Teachng Elem (K-6) Math II
MAE4551Reading the Language of Math
MAE4909Directed Study: Math Education
MAE4936Senior Semester Math Education
MAE4940Internship: Mathematics Ed
MAE4941Intern I: Mid School Math Ed
MAE4945Practicum in Math Education
MAE6115Current Trends Elem Math Ed
MAE6126Curr Trends Mid Grd Mth
MAE6127Prob/Stat Mid Grades Tchrs
MAE6136Cur Trends Second Math Ed
MAE6137Topics: Teaching Prob & Stat
MAE6315Algebraic Thinking Ele Teacher
MAE6356Teach Pre-Second Sch Math
MAE6654Tech Enhnc Algebra Mid Grades
MAE6906Ind Study Mathematics Ed
MAE6945Practicum Math Ed
MAE6947Internship Secondary Ed Math
MAE7794Prep Teachers Math K-12
MAE7796Research Math Ed
MAE7910Dir Rsch Mth Ed
MAE7945Practicum Math Ed

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