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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAR3023Basic Marketing
MAR3400Professional Selling
MAR3613Marketing Research
MAR3700Digital Marketing
MAR3711Sports Marketing
MAR3823Marketing Management
MAR4156International Marketing
MAR4231Retailing Management
MAR4333Promotion Management
MAR4403Sales Management
MAR4415Advanced Professional Selling
MAR4503Buyer Behavior
MAR4824Marketing Management Problems
MAR4841Services Marketing
MAR4903Independent Research
MAR4905Independent Study
MAR4933Selected Topics
MAR4933ST: Digital Marketing
MAR4933ST: Health Sciences Internship
MAR4940Marketing Internship/Practicum
MAR4970Marketing Honors Thesis
MAR6158International Marketing Mngmnt
MAR6336Promotional Management
MAR6646Research for Marketing Manager
MAR6735Digital Marketing
MAR6815Marketing Management
MAR6816Marketing Strategy
MAR6907Independent Study
MAR6916Directed Research
MAR6936Consumer Behavior Theory
MAR6936Digital Marketing
MAR6936Directed Research
MAR6936Marketing Analytics
MAR6936Selected Topics in Marketing
MAR6936Social Media Marketing
MAR6936ST: Marketing Analytics
MAR6936ST: Retailing Management
MAR6936Value Creation/Creativity Mkt.
MAR7667Mkt Models/Strategy Appls
MAR7910Independent Study in Marketing
MAR7931Sel Mkt Topics - Publication
MAR7931Sem on Sel Marketing Topics

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