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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ME2004Eng Analysis Numerical Methods
ME2974Independent Study
ME2974HIndependent Study
ME2994Undergraduate Research
ME3024Engineering Design & Econ
ME3414Fluid Dynamics
ME3524Mechanical Vibrations
ME3534Controls Engineering I
ME3624Mechanical Design
ME4006Mechanical Engineering Lab
ME4015Engineering Design and Project
ME4124CAD of Fluid-Thermal Sys
ME4164Energy Systems for Buildings
ME4194Sustainable Energy Solutions
ME4234Aerospace Propulsion Systems
ME4344Biological Transport Phenomena
ME4504Control Engr I
ME4554Adv Technology Motor Vehicles
ME4564Vehicle Control
ME4624Finite Elem Practice
ME4644Rapid Prototyping
ME4664Intro Global Coll Engr Design
ME4724Engineering Acoustics
ME4854Nano & Micromech of Materials
ME4974Independent Study
ME4974HIndependent Study
ME4994Undergraduate Research
ME4994HUndergraduate Research
ME5104Thermodynamics: Found/Applic
ME5135Vehicle Propulsion
ME5204Lab Techniques Injury Prev
ME5304Conduction Heat Transfer
ME5344GAdvanced Biological Transport
ME5404Fluid Dynamics
ME5434Adv Intro Comp Fluid Dynamics
ME5514Vibrations Mech System
ME5544Linear Systems Theory
ME5554Applied Linear Systems
ME5574Nonlinear Systems Theory
ME5634Fin Elem in Mach Des
ME5644Rapid Prototyping
ME5654Mod & Sim Multibody Dynamics
ME5664Global Collab Product Dev
ME5694Advanced Design Project
ME5735GAdvanced Mechatronics
ME5814Energy Harvesting
ME5854GAdv Nano/Micromechanics Matl
ME5904Project and Report
ME5974Independent Study
ME5994Research and Thesis
ME7994Research and Dissertation

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