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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MHS2031Mental Illness & Addiction
MHS3062Behavioral Svcs / Older Adults
MHS3063Cultural Diversity and Health
MHS3204Fundamentals of ABA
MHS3411Multidis Behavioral Healthcare
MHS4002Behavioral Health Sys Delivery
MHS4022Adult PsychopathologyCommunity
MHS4023Recovery Mental Health Svcs
MHS4052Human Rel Skills Counseling
MHS4074Child Development and Trauma
MHS4202Behav Assess/Intervention Plan
MHS4203Practical Skills in CBH
MHS4206ABA/Autism & Devl Disabilities
MHS4408Exemplary Treatment Practices
MHS4412Res Meth/Eth Iss in Beh Analys
MHS4413Applied Data Analysis
MHS4425Behavioral Hlthcare Field Exp
MHS4434Behavioral Health & the Family
MHS4452Co-Occurring Disorders
MHS4453Applied Psychopharmacology
MHS4454Alcohol Drugs and Crime
MHS4455Drug Abuse Prevent/Treatment
MHS4490Children's Issues Beh Health
MHS4703Ethics & Legal -Beh Healthcare
MHS4704Ethics, Supervision, Mgmt: ABA
MHS4723Professional Seminar
MHS4731Writing Research Pub BCS
MHS4741Applied Research Methods
MHS4906Directed Study
MHS4912Behavioral Health Research
MHS4931Behav Assess & Planning in ABA
MHS4931Counseling for Older Adults
MHS4931Forensic Psychology
MHS4931Research Methods in Beh Health
MHS4931UG Research Experience
MHS4943Appld Behavior Practicum Sem
MHS5020Foundations Mental Hlth Couns
MHS5480Human Growth and Development
MHS5721BRIDGE Proseminar I
MHS5745App Qual Res Methods
MHS6006Trends & Prins Couns Prof
MHS6065Issues/Trends Develop Disa
MHS6066Serv for Child& Adoles with DD
MHS6067EBP Child/Adol Beh Hlth: DD
MHS6069Child & Adolescent Behavioral
MHS6070St Ment Disord for Counsel
MHS6097Financing Child Mntl Hlth Serv
MHS6201ABA Complex Comm. Environments
MHS6340Career Development
MHS6409Evidence-Based Practice
MHS6420Multicult Counsv/Diverse Pops
MHS6437Family Perspective-Disparities
MHS6450Couns Subs Abuse Schl and Comm
MHS6509Group Couns Theories/Pract
MHS6559Introduction to Systems Theor
MHS6601Consul for Counseling Prof
MHS6607Behav Consult & Collaboration
MHS6615Functional Assessment
MHS6620Counselng in Community Setting
MHS6626Applied Leadership in CABH
MHS6700Legal/Eth Issues Couns Prof
MHS6701ABA Basic Principles
MHS6705Legal & Ethical Issues in MFT
MHS6706Chld Adoles Behav Hlth Policy
MHS6708Exprmt Analysis of Behavior 1
MHS6742Comm Research/Eval:Behav Sci
MHS6744Single Case Experimentl Design
MHS6780Ethics in ABA
MHS6800Pract Couns Adoles/Adults
MHS6885Intern Comm Agency Counsel
MHS6900ABA & Developmt Disabilities
MHS6900ABA Development Disabilities
MHS6900Adv Res Ed Adol Beh Hlth
MHS6900Applied Data Analysis
MHS6900Child Dev and Trauma
MHS6900Co-Occurring MH, SA Disorders
MHS6900Epi of Mental Disorders
MHS6900Fund Subst Abuse Counseling
MHS6900Mental & Physical Comorbidity
MHS6900Research Methods and Design
MHS6900School Based Mental Health Svc
MHS6900Serv Learn Adol Beh Health II
MHS6901Independent Studies
MHS6905Individual Study
MHS6915Directed Research in Bhv & SS
MHS6938Concept Foun Behav Analysis
MHS6938Experimental Analysis of Behav
MHS6938Grant Writing Seminar
MHS6940Practicum:Applied Beh Analysis
MHS6941Applied Field Experience Sem.
MHS6971Thesis: Applied Beh Analysis
MHS6972Thesis Child Adoles Beh health
MHS7610Supervision: Thry & Prac
MHS7720Proseminar in BCS
MHS7796Conceptual Foundations of BA
MHS7927Grant Writing Seminar
MHS7930Adv Sem in Counselor Ed

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