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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MMC2100Writing for the Mass Media
MMC2110Scientific Writing
MMC3602Mass Communication and Society
MMC3734Social Media
MMC4106Science Writing
MMC4120Media Convergence
MMC4131Video Storytelling
MMC4200Hist/Principles of Comm Law
MMC4203Communication Ethics
MMC4208Media Law and Ethics
MMC4420Research Methods in Mass Comm
MMC4503Literary Journalism
MMC4900Directed Reading in Mass Comm
MMC4910Indv Research in Mass Comm
MMC4936Brand Journalism
MMC4936Campaigns & Elections
MMC4936Fact-Checking Elections
MMC4936Sports Journalism
MMC4936Sports Practicum
MMC4936ST: Data Visualization
MMC4936ST: Drone Videography
MMC4936ST: Food Writing
MMC4936ST: Multi-camera Field Prod
MMC4936ST: Visualization of Big Data
MMC4936ST: WUSF TV Newsbreak
MMC4936ST:WUSF TV Newsbreak
MMC4936Student Comm Agency
MMC4936User Engage & Mod News Cons
MMC4936Visual Design for Global Media
MMC5146Web Publishing
MMC6400Mass Communication Theory
MMC6418Strategic Message Design
MMC6421Research Meth in Mass Comm
MMC6447Quant Research Methods
MMC6449Adv Analytics
MMC6612Seminar: Law and Mass Media
MMC6900Directed Reading Mass Comm
MMC6910Ind Research in Mass Comm
MMC6920Intro Mass Comm Research
MMC6936DJD Social Media ONLINE
MMC6936Mobile Media
MMC6936Special Topic
MMC6936ST: Food Writing
MMC6936ST: Media Management Seminar
MMC6936ST: Multi-camera Field Prod
MMC6936ST: Neighborhood News
MMC6936ST: Sports Journalism
MMC6945Professional Practicum
MMC6950Applied Research Project
MMC6971Thesis: Master's

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