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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MSE1014Mat Science Everyday Life
MSE2014Materials Eng Transition
MSE2034Elem of Materials Eng
MSE2054Fundamentals Material Science
MSE2114Math Programming MSE I
MSE2994Undergraduate Research
MSE3044Transport Phenomena in MSE
MSE3054Mech Behavior of Materials
MSE3064Mech Behavior Matls Lab
MSE3304Physical Metallurgy
MSE3314Materials Laboratory I
MSE3354Foundry Safety
MSE3884Matls Engr Professional Dev II
MSE4076Senior Design Laboratory
MSE4086Senior Capstone Recitation
MSE4096HHonors Senior Design Lab
MSE4164Princ Matls Corrosion
MSE4324Advanced Metal Casting Lab
MSE4334Applied Materials Analysis
MSE4394Intro Molecular Dynamics
MSE4414Physical Ceramics
MSE4544Laboratory In Polymer Science
MSE4554Polymer Engineering
MSE4644Materials Design Experiments
MSE4974Independent Study
MSE4994Undergraduate Research
MSE4994HUndergraduate Research
MSE5016MSE Seminar
MSE5034Structure Properties Materials
MSE5064Diffusion and Kinetics
MSE5144Deformation & Fracture of Mtls
MSE5164Corrosion & Electrochem Proc
MSE5200Semiconductor Heterostructures
MSE5304Contemporary Topics MSE
MSE5334Adv Applied Materials Analysis
MSE5394Adv Molecular Dynamics Sim
MSE5504Radiation Effects on Metals
MSE5574GAdvanced Biomaterials
MSE5904Project and Report
MSE5974Independent Study
MSE5994Research And Thesis
MSE7994Research and Dissertation

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