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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUS2010Recital Attendance
MUS2201Language Diction For Singers
MUS4652Music and Medicine
MUS4801MindBody Integration Musicians
MUS4905Bach Suite 5: An Inquiry
MUS4905Band Pedagogy
MUS4905Chamber Music Literature
MUS4905Directed Readings in
MUS4905Electroacoustic Music
MUS4905Eletroacoustic Music
MUS4905Guitar Studio
MUS4905MUE 4936: Apply WI & COMM
MUS4905Music Composition & Business
MUS4905Real-Time Performance
MUS4905String Techniques
MUS4930All You Need Is Love: Beatles
MUS4930Audio Recording Basics
MUS4930Critical Analysis of Hip Hop
MUS4930Music & Medicine
MUS4930Popular Music Ensemble
MUS4930Selected Topics In Music
MUS4930Survey of Arts Administration
MUS4930Video Game Music:
MUS4931Beginning Guitar
MUS4931Class Guitar
MUS4931Electro-Acoustic Composition
MUS4931History of Ukrainan Music
MUS4931Introduction to Pro Tools
MUS4931Keybd Skills for Mus Educators
MUS4931MUE Percussion Class
MUS4931Orchestral Auditions: Strings
MUS4931Singing Stampede
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Kluksdahl
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Panayotova
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Posadas
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Stuart
MUS4931UG Chamber Music - Tambiah
MUS4931UG Chamber Music-Ivanov
MUS4931Voice Project
MUS4935Music Senior Seminar
MUS5905Advanced Keyboard Skills
MUS5905All You Need Is Love: Beatles
MUS5905Audio Recording Basics
MUS5905Beethoven Sonatas: Piano/Cello
MUS5905Chamber Music & Conducting
MUS5905Classical Voice-Contemp. Style
MUS5905Computer Music Research
MUS5905Critical Analysis of Hip Hop
MUS5905Directed Study
MUS5905Drill Writing & Design
MUS5905Grad Chamber Music: Projects
MUS5905Grad Chamber Music: Violin
MUS5905Grad. Music Internship
MUS5905Graduate Chamber Music
MUS5905Graduate Marching Band
MUS5905Graduate Music Internship
MUS5905Guitar Studio
MUS5905Intro to Electronic Music
MUS5905Jazz Arr. & Comp Review
MUS5905Jazz Arr/Comp Pedagogy
MUS5905Jazz Drumming - Brushes
MUS5905Johannes Brahms Chamber
MUS5905Keyb. Perf. Prac. 1700-1900
MUS5905Keyb. Perf. Practice 17-1900
MUS5905Keyboard Performance Practice
MUS5905Kreutzer Etude Project
MUS5905Music & Conducting
MUS5905Music in Title I Schools
MUS5905Orchestral Audition Study
MUS5905Performance Medicine: Piano
MUS5905Popular Music Ensemble
MUS5905Prep for Recording Audition
MUS5905Projects: Grad. Chamber Music
MUS5905Psych: Lifelong Music Learning
MUS5905Research in Music Medicine
MUS5905Rock Fusion Ensemble
MUS5905Transcription Project
MUS5905Video Game Music
MUS5905Woodwind Pedagogy
MUS6793Tech of Research Mus/Mus Ed
MUS6806Fit to Play: Healthy Musician
MUS6910Directed Research
MUS6976Graduate Recital

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