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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NEUR2025Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR2026Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR2035Neuroscience Laboratory
NEUR2036Neuroscience Laboratory
NEUR2464Neuroscience and Society
NEUR2594Exploring Clinical Neurosci
NEUR2974Independent Study
NEUR2994Undergraduate Research
NEUR3034Global Perspectives Pre-Depart
NEUR3044Cell Molecular Neuroscience
NEUR3054Brain-Body Interactions
NEUR3084Cognitive Neuroscience
NEUR3144Mech Learning & Memory
NEUR3554Neur Research and Practice
NEUR3844Computational Neur and Eng
NEUR3900Bridge Experience
NEUR3914Neuroscience of Drug Addiction
NEUR4034Diseases of the Nervous System
NEUR4514Neuroimmun Health and Disease
NEUR4594Clinical Neuro in Practice
NEUR4814Nutritional Neuroscience
NEUR4914Drug Development in Neurosci
NEUR4964Field Work
NEUR4974Independent Study
NEUR4994Undergraduate Research
NEUR4994HUndergraduate Research
NEUR5024Neuroanatomy and Systems Neuro
NEUR5074Current Topics in Neuroscience
NEUR5514GAdvanced Neuroimmunology
NEUR5814GAdv Nutritional Neuroscience
NEUR5844Computational Neuroscience
NEUR5914Drug Development in Neurosci
NEUR5994Research and Thesis
NEUR7994Research and Dissertation

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