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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NGR6002CAdvanced Health Assessment
NGR6152Advan Physio and Patho
NGR6157Adv Phys & Pharm for CRNAs
NGR6172Pharm for Adv Practice Nursing
NGR6211Acute Special Topics
NGR6211CAcute Care Ad & Old Ad: Sp Top
NGR6211LAcute Special Topics Clinical
NGR6220Pathobiology Of Neoplasia
NGR6232Acute Care II
NGR6232CConcepts in Acutely Ill Adult
NGR6232LAcute Care II Clinical
NGR6234Reprod Hlth Mdl Age to Old Adu
NGR6244Adults II
NGR6244CHlth Mgt of Ad & Old Ad II
NGR6244LAdults II Clinical
NGR6291Adult Special Topics
NGR6291LAdult Special Topics Clinical
NGR6301Peds I
NGR6301CPr Care of Child & Adol I
NGR6301LPeds I Clinical
NGR6302Peds II
NGR6302CPC: Children & Adolesc II
NGR6302LPeds II Clinical
NGR6339Peds Special Topics
NGR6339CPC Child & Adol: Spec Topics
NGR6339LPeds Special Topics Clinical
NGR6342Repr Hlth for Yng to Mdl Ag Ad
NGR6400Chem/Biochem/Phys for Nur Anes
NGR6404Adv Anat & Phys for CRNAs
NGR6424Anesthesia AP II
NGR6432Nurse Anesth Clin Residency II
NGR6434Nur Anes Clinical Res IV
NGR6442LSimulation Lab III
NGR6471Concepts of Pain Pathophys
NGR6472Pharmacology of Pain Mgmt
NGR6474CPain Mgmt Clinical Residency
NGR6491Nur Anesthesia Practice Comp
NGR6638Hlth Prom, Clin Prev & Pop Hlt
NGR6650Occupational Health Nursing I
NGR6673Epidemiology for Adv Nursing
NGR6713Foundations of Nursing Ed
NGR6803Research Evidence-Based Prac
NGR6893HP Sys & Tech for Imp Pop Hlth
NGR6905Nurse Anesthesia Sim Lab III
NGR6931Acute Care II
NGR6931Acute Care II Clinical
NGR6931Acute Special Topics
NGR6931Acute Special Topics Clinical
NGR6931Adults II
NGR6931Adults II Clinical
NGR6931Peds I
NGR6931Peds I Clinical
NGR6931Peds II
NGR6931Peds II Clinical
NGR6931Peds Special Topics
NGR6931Peds Special Topics Clinical
NGR6940Classroom/Online Teaching Prac
NGR6947Clinical Ed Practicum
NGR7111Disciplinary Perspectives
NGR7767Prac Mgmt, Qlty Impr & Pat Saf
NGR7838Inn Prog Symptom Mgt Research
NGR7848Fund of Stats for Clinicians
NGR7874Informatics & Pt Care Tech
NGR7905Directed Readings
NGR7915Adv Direct Research in Nursing
NGR7916Grant Writing Transl Science
NGR7930Scientific Inquiry Forum
NGR7945DNP Practicum
NGR7954Communicating Nursing Science
NGR7974DNP Project
NGR7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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