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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

NURS301Dosage Calculations
NURS302Strategies for Success
NURS303Found Profess Nurs Prac ABSN
NURS303Foundations for Professional Nursing Practice
NURS305Professional Nursing Skills I
NURS308Professional Nursing Skills II
NURS314Nursing Process Psychiatric/Mental Health
NURS316Nursing Process in Gerontology TBSN
NURS320Informatics & Technology in Healthcare
NURS326Nursing Process Applications TBSN I
NURS327Nursing Process Applications TBSN II
NURS328CClinical Practicum TBSN I
NURS331Nursing Process Families with Children
NURS334Nursing Process for the Childbearing Family
NURS336Nursing Process for Children
NURS338CClinical Practicum TBSN II
NURS340Health Assessment LifespanABSN
NURS340Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan
NURS341Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals
NURS345Foundations of Nursing Practice
NURS351Professional Nursing Skills for ABSN
NURS352Mental Health Nursing
NURS361Nursing Process Application ABSN II
NURS362Nursing Research
NURS364Nursing of the Adult I
NURS366Nursing of Childbearing Family
NURS368Nursing Pharmacology I
NURS369CClinical Practicum for ABSN II
NURS380Holistic Nursing Practice
NURS410Research Applications in Healthcare
NURS412Professional Nurs PracticeABSN
NURS412Professional Nurse Practi TBSN
NURS421Community and Pop Health
NURS423Comm & Pop Health ABSN
NURS426Nursing Process Applications TBSN III
NURS427Nursing Process Applications TBSN IV
NURS429CClinical Practice TBSN III
NURS438CClinical Practicum IV
NURS441Gerontological Nursing Post Licensure Track
NURS443Nursing of Children
NURS444Gerontological Nursing
NURS445Quality and Safety in Nursing
NURS448Nursing of the Adult II
NURS451Community Health Nursing
NURS452Introduction to US Healthcare
NURS453Leadership in Nursing
NURS454Clinical Nursing Practicum
NURS461Nursing Process Applications ABSN III
NURS470Professional Role Transitions
NURS471Leader & Health Policy ABSN
NURS471Leader/Health Policy Nurs TBSN
NURS475Leadership and Health Policy in Nursing
NURS475CRN Leadership/Hlth Policy NSG Clinical
NURS479CClinical Practicum for ABSN III
NURS605Collaboration and Interprofessional Leadership
NURS610Principles of Primary Care & Family Health
NURS616Quality & Safety in Healthcare
NURS625Practicum II: Primary Care of Adults and Geriatrics
NURS654Primary Care of Children & Adolescents
NURS657Practicum III: Primary Care of Children/Adolescents & Women
NURS671Administrative Residency
NURS702Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS710Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS712Advanced Health Assessment
NURS713Advanced Health Assessment Laboratory
NURS714Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostics Lab
NURS716Advanced Pharmacology
NURS725Advanced Family Nursing: Chronic Illness Across the Lifespan Clinical
NURS728Advanced Family Nursing: Women's Health
NURS729Advanced Family Nursing: Women's Health Clinical
NURS736Advanced Family Nursing: Preceptorship
NURS760Advanced Nursing Practice in Psychiatric Mental Health: Theory & Practice
NURS763Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Practicum 1: Children & Adolescents
NURS802Synthesis and Evaluation of Evidence Based Data for Advanced Practice Nurses
NURS810Health Care Systems, Information Systems, and Business Practices
NURS820Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Project I
NURS821Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Project II
NURS824Doctor of Nursing Practice Clinical Residency
NURS827Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership Residency
NURS898Directed Study in Advanced Practice Nursing

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