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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PET3031Motor Behavior
PET3076Physical Activity Diverse Pops
PET3211Stress, Health, and Disease
PET3314Survey in Exercise Science
PET3361Nutrition for Fitness & Sport
PET3421Curriculum/Inst in Phys Educ
PET3640Adapted Physical Education
PET3713Theory/Practice Grp Excercise
PET4088Indv Fitness/Wellness Program
PET4219Exercise Psychology
PET4380Applied Exercise Science
PET4401Admn of Phys Ed Programs
PET4413Admin Fitness/Wellness Centers
PET4432Inst Des/Cont: Phys Ed Elem
PET4442Inst Des/Cont: Phys Ed Sec
PET4550Clin Excer Testing & Prescript
PET4765Athletic Coaching Scient Prin
PET4820Sport Skill Proficiency
PET4929Senior Seminar in Phys Educ
PET4944Phys Ed Pre-Intern: Secondary
PET4946Internship in PE: Elementary
PET4947Internship in PE: Secondary
PET6003Theories and Models
PET6098Strength and Conditioning
PET6388Physical Activity and Health
PET6494Legal Aspects
PET6534Research in Exercise Science
PET6542Grant Writing
PET6706Analysis of Research PE
PET6716Analysis of Teaching PE
PET6906Ind Study: Prof Phys Ed
PET6910LRes Project in Phys Ed
PET6947Internship in Ex. Sci.
PET6971Thesis: Physical Education

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