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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHA6118Nanomaterials, BioMEMS
PHA6119Nanoscale Drug Delivery
PHA6124PK/PD Principles
PHA6147Nanotechnology and Risk Mgmt
PHA6148Nanoformulation & Nanopharma
PHA6185Drug Discovery & Frontier
PHA6222Pharmacy Practice Management
PHA6277Ethics in Pharmacy Research
PHA6336Regenerative Medicine
PHA6449Prospects in Pharmacogenomics
PHA6618Geriatric Medicine
PHA6621Internship in Pharm Sciences
PHA6622Adv Geriatric Pharmacy Care
PHA6755Medical Microbio & Immunology
PHA6797Scientific Writing & Comm
PHA6952Capstone in Pharmacy
PHA6971Master's Thesis
PHA7930Bioengineering and Nanotherape
PHA7930Graduate Program Capstone
PHA7930Graduate Program Seminars
PHA7930Internship & Capstone
PHA7930Master Thesis Capstone
PHA7930Nanoscale Diagnosis & Therapy
PHA7930Pharmacokinetics & Dynamics
PHA7930Pharmacy Internship
PHA7930Pract Experiences in Nanotech
PHA7930Research in Pharmacy
PHA7930Special Topics in Pharmacy
PHA9995Doctor of Pharmacy I
PHA9996Doctor of Pharmacy II
PHA9997Doctor of Pharmacy III
PHA9998Doctor of Pharmacy IV

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