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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

POSC110Honors Introduction to Politics
POSC110Introduction to Politics
POSC120Introduction to American Government
POSC180CL: Leadership Theory&Practice
POSC231Comparative Politics
POSC233Law in America
POSC291Political Inquiry
POSC321The American Presidency
POSC350US Foreign Policy
POSC360International Law and Organization (IR)
POSC370Classical Political Thought
POSC432Public Organization Theory & Leadership
POSC438Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers (AG)
POSC459Global Terrorism
POSC488Final Honors Project (AG; CG; IR; PA; PT: as Designated)
POSC490Seminar: Capitalism & Globalization
POSC492Mock Trial
POSC498Independent Study: Leadership
POSC498IS: African Growth Struggles
POSC498IS: African Growth Studies

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