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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PPWS2754Weeds That Shape Our World
PPWS2964Field Study
PPWS4104Plant Pathology
PPWS4114Microbe Forensics/Biosecurity
PPWS4154Plant Problem Diagnosis
PPWS4604Biological Invasions
PPWS4964Field Study
PPWS4974Independent Study
PPWS4994Undergraduate Research
PPWS5034Clinic and Field Experience
PPWS5064Sem Mol Cell Biotech
PPWS5154Plant Problem Diagnosis
PPWS5214Diseases of Crop Plants
PPWS5314Paradigms for Bioinformatics
PPWS5454Disease Physiol-Devel
PPWS5604GAdv Biological Invasions
PPWS5714Molec Biol Applied Plant Sci
PPWS5894Final Exam (Non-Thesis)
PPWS5904Project and Report
PPWS5974Independent Study
PPWS5994Research and Thesis
PPWS6004Advanced Topics PPWS
PPWS7994Research and Dissertation

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