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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSYC100Introduction to Psychology
PSYC123The Psychology of Getting Hired
PSYC200Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSYC202Introduction to Neuroscience
PSYC221Social Psychology
PSYC232Psychology of Racism
PSYC289DLiving the Good Life: The Psychology of Happiness
PSYC300Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
PSYC303Professional Development for Psychology Majors
PSYC309FSpecial Topics in Psychology; PREP for Next Steps
PSYC318DCommunity Interventions: Theory and Research; Community Interventions: Domestic Violence
PSYC330Child Psychopathology
PSYC336Psychology of Women
PSYC341Introduction to Memory and Cognition
PSYC344Health Psychology
PSYC353Adult Psychopathology
PSYC354Multicultural Psychology in the U.S.
PSYC355Developmental Psychology
PSYC361Survey of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSYC389Experiential Learning
PSYC403Animal Behavior
PSYC407Behavioral Neurobiology Laboratory
PSYC409Topics in Neurosciences Seminar
PSYC411Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
PSYC414Science of Sleep and Biological Rhythms
PSYC417Data Science for Psychology and Neuroscience Majors
PSYC420Experimental Psychology: Social Psychology Laboratory
PSYC425Psychology and Law
PSYC432Counseling Psychology: Theories, Research, and Practice
PSYC433Basic Helping Skills: Research and Practice
PSYC435Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy
PSYC436Introduction to Clinical Psychology: From Science to Practice
PSYC437The Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
PSYC440Experimental Psychology: Cognitive Processes and Legal Applications
PSYC450Applying Psychology to the Workplace: Industrial Organizational Psychology Laboratory
PSYC468HField Experience and Special Assignments in Honors
PSYC469HHonors Thesis Proposal Preparation
PSYC478Independent Study in Psychology
PSYC479Special Research Problems in Psychology
PSYC489GAdvanced Special Topics in Psychology; Hormones and Behavior
PSYC489ZAdvanced Special Topics in Psychology; Asian American Psychology
PSYC499HHonors Thesis Research
PSYC601Quantitative Methods I
PSYC603Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSYC614Emotion: From Biological Foundations to Contemporary Debates in the Psychological Sciences
PSYC622Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
PSYC623Child Psychopathology
PSYC629BClinical Laboratory; Assessment Practicum
PSYC629CClinical Laboratory; Adult Therapy Practicum
PSYC629DClinical Laboratory; Child and Adolescent Therapy Practicum
PSYC638Externship in Professional Psychology
PSYC639Internship in Professional Psychology
PSYC643Ethics and Foundations of Assessment and Clinical Intervention
PSYC644Basic Foundation of Clinical Interventions
PSYC651Writing and Critical Thinking
PSYC652Analytical Thinking: Statistical Methods at Work
PSYC654Advanced Analytical Thinking: Statistical Methods at Work II
PSYC660Performance Management, Compensation, and Benefits
PSYC661Practicum in IO Psychology
PSYC692Assessment in Counseling Psychology I
PSYC700Theories and Strategies of Counseling Psychology
PSYC732Selection and Classification Issues in Organizations
PSYC798KGraduate Seminar; Multilevel theory and dynamics
PSYC799Master's Thesis Research; MASTERS THESIS RSRCH
PSYC819DSeminar in Personality and Development; Attachment Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications
PSYC888AResearch Methods in Psychology; Developmental Seminar
PSYC889Research Methods in Psychology; Cognitive and Neural Systems Seminar
PSYC898Pre-Candidacy Research
PSYC899Doctoral Dissertation Research; Doctoral Dissertation Research

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