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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SPA3002Intro Comm Sciences/Disorders
SPA3004Intro to Language Dev & Disds
SPA3011Introduction to Speech Science
SPA3030Intro to Hearing Science
SPA3101Anat/Phys Speech/Hear Mech
SPA3112Phonetics in Com Disorders
SPA3261Lang Science for Com Sciences
SPA3310Intro to Disorders of Hearing
SPA3470Culture and Diversity in CSD
SPA4050Intro to the Clinical Process
SPA4257Adult Communication Disorders
SPA4321Intro To Audiologic Rehab
SPA4510Intro Clinical Mtds/Counseling
SPA4632Nature and Needs of the Deaf
SPA4901Research Methods in CSD
SPA4906Independent Study
SPA4910Directed Research
SPA4962UG Comprehensive Exam
SPA4970Honors Thesis
SPA5153Quant Prob Solving SLP/Aud
SPA5204Advanced Clinical Phonology
SPA5303Auditory Anatomy & Physiology
SPA5403Language Learning-SchlAge Year
SPA5506Audiology Practice Management
SPA5506Prac: Clinic I AuD
SPA5552Diagnostic Princ/Practices
SPA6211Advanced Vocal Disorders
SPA6225Advanced Fluency Disorders
SPA6305Pediatric Audiology
SPA6307Speech Percept. & Hearing Loss
SPA6311Medical Audiology
SPA6341Principles of Amplification II
SPA6354Hearing Conservation
SPA6392Profession of Audiology
SPA6401Pediatric Language Disorders
SPA6410Aphasia and Related Disorders
SPA6505Adv Practicum: Study Abroad
SPA6505Advanced Practicum
SPA6505Prac: Clinic I Aud
SPA6505Prac: Extern I SLP
SPA6505Practicum II
SPA6505Practicum IV Suncoast
SPA6505Practicum Prep
SPA6505Practicum: Advanced SLP
SPA6505Practicum: Clinic I AuD
SPA6505Practicum: Clinic I Prac Prep
SPA6505Practicum: Clinic III SLP
SPA6505Practicum: Extern I SLP
SPA6505Practicum: Extern II SLP
SPA6505Teaching Foundations
SPA6508Practicum: Clerkship II AuD
SPA6508Practicum: Externship II AuD
SPA6508Practicum: Externship III AuD
SPA6535LAudiology Clinic Lab I
SPA6559Augment/Alternat Communication
SPA6564Sem. in Aging, Cog., and Comm.
SPA6565Seminar in Dysphagia
SPA6571Ethical Prac Issues in CD
SPA6805Res Proc Comm Sci/Disorders
SPA6906Independent Study
SPA6910Directed Research
SPA6930Family Centered Intervention
SPA6971Thesis: Master's
SPA7330Adv. Vestibular Eval & Treatmt
SPA7331Adv Medical Audiology
SPA7346Cochlear Implants
SPA7497Proseminar in CSD
SPA7802Critical Analysis in CSD
SPA7834Audiology Doctoral Project Sem
SPA7931Sem in Adv Auditory Perception
SPA7931Sem in Comm Sci/Disorders

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