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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

SYA3110Classical Theory
SYA3300Research Methods
SYA4121Queer Theory
SYA4304Sociological Research Exp
SYA4910Individual Research
SYA4930Animals & Society
SYA4930Climate Change and Environment
SYA4930Contemporary Feminist Theory
SYA4930Cyber Deviance
SYA4930Disability and Society
SYA4930Environment and Society
SYA4930Inequality & Social Justice
SYA4930Islam in the Modern World
SYA4930Media and Society
SYA4930Political Sociology
SYA4930Social Networks
SYA4930Sociological Service Learning
SYA4930Sociology of Globalization
SYA4930Women, Crime & Justice
SYA4935Senior Seminar
SYA4949Sociological Internship
SYA6126Contemp Sociological Theory
SYA6205Social Construction of Reality
SYA6315Qualitative Research Meth
SYA6405Sociological Statistics
SYA6909Independent Study
SYA6912Directed Research
SYA6912Methods of Social Network
SYA6933Comparative Social Movements
SYA6933Gender, Sexuality & Bodies
SYA6933Global Human Trafficking
SYA6933Global Political Sociology
SYA6933Race,Gender&Labor in LatinAmer
SYA6933Religion and Social Change
SYA6933Sem in Phil of Soc Sciences
SYA6933Social Psychology
SYA6933Space & Place
SYA6971Thesis: Master's
SYA7939Advanced Theory/Methods I
SYA7939Interdisciplinary PhD Prosem
SYA7939Ph.D. Capstone
SYA7980Doctoral Dissertation
SYA7988Dissertation Proposal

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