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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AAEC1005Econ Food Fiber Sys
AAEC1006Econ Food Fiber Syst
AAEC2104Personal Financial Planning
AAEC2434Foundations of Agribusiness
AAEC2974Independent Study
AAEC3004Agr Prod & Cons Econ
AAEC3014Analytic Methods Applied Econ
AAEC3024Monetary Glob Iss Applied Econ
AAEC3204Intl Agri Dvlp & Trad
AAEC3314Environmental Law
AAEC3324Environment Sustain Dev Econ
AAEC3424Value-Based Mgmt in AgBusiness
AAEC3454Small Bus Mgt and Ent
AAEC3604Agricultural Law
AAEC4204Food and Agricultural Policy
AAEC4314Env Econ Analy & Mgt
AAEC4414Applied Econ Problem-Solving
AAEC4434Commodity Invest by Students
AAEC4464Water Resources Policy & Econ
AAEC4484Applied Economic Forecasting
AAEC4504Ag Price Analysis
AAEC4754Real Estate Law
AAEC4804Elementary Econometrics
AAEC4814Food and Health Economics
AAEC4964Field Study
AAEC4974Independent Study
AAEC4994Undergraduate Research
AAEC5044Applied Macroeconomics
AAEC5074Agricultural and Food Policy
AAEC5104Research Project Plan
AAEC5126Empirical Economics
AAEC5134Agricultural Markets & Prices
AAEC5484Applied Economic Forecasting
AAEC5804GFundamentals of Econometrics
AAEC5814GAdv Food & Health Economics
AAEC5894Final Examination
AAEC5904Project and Report
AAEC5974Independent Study
AAEC5994Research and Thesis
AAEC6004Research & Prof Dev Seminar
AAEC6214Food and Health Microeconomics
AAEC6304International Trade & Finance
AAEC6564Bayesian Econometric Analysis
AAEC7994Research and Dissertation

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