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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ANTH222Introduction to Ecological and Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTH240Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH263Sexuality and Culture
ANTH265Anthropology of Global Health
ANTH266Changing Climate, Changing Cultures
ANTH323Plagues, Pathogens and Public Policy
ANTH357Approaches to Sustainable Development
ANTH386Experiential Learning
ANTH473Native American Languages and Cultures
ANTH474Language, Racism & Identity
ANTH496Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH657Approaches to Sustainable Development
ANTH673Native American Languages and Cultures
ANTH674Language, Racism & Identity
ANTH696Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH701Anthropology Internship Preparation
ANTH749Cultural and Heritage Resource Management Internship
ANTH799Master's Thesis Research
ANTH857Museum Scholarship Practicum

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