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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARCH150Discovering Architecture
ARCH200Design Media and Representation I
ARCH225History of World Architecture I
ARCH226History of World Architecture II
ARCH300Design Media and Representation II
ARCH401Architecture Design Studio II
ARCH402Architecture Design Studio III
ARCH408BSpecial Topics Architecture Design Studio; Animal Occupation: At Home on the Water
ARCH408CSpecial Topics Architecture Design Studio; Studio Elective: Anacostia Aviary
ARCH426History of Architecture II
ARCH428BSelected Topics in Architectural History; Vertical Communities: Programming for Urban Mobility
ARCH428FSelected Topics in Architectural History; A Global History of Modern Architecture
ARCH428ZSelected Topics in Architectural History; Understanding Missing Middle Typologies
ARCH448BSelected Topics in Visual Studies in Architecture; Design Drawing: Explorations in Mixed-Media
ARCH464Architectural Structures I
ARCH465Architectural Structures II
ARCH466Environmental Systems in Architecture
ARCH470Computer Applications in Architecture
ARCH472Building Information Modeling Communication and Collaboration
ARCH770Professional Practice of Architecture

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