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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ARTT100Two-Dimensional Design Fundamentals
ARTT110Elements of Drawing I
ARTT150Introduction to Art Theory
ARTT200Three-Dimensional Art Fundamentals
ARTT210Elements of Drawing II
ARTT255Introduction to Digital Art and Design Processes
ARTT320Elements of Painting
ARTT330Elements of Sculpture: Metal Casting
ARTT330HElements of Sculpture: Metal Casting
ARTT331Elements of Sculpture: Steel
ARTT333Elements of Sculpture: Wood and Mixed Media
ARTT333HElements of Sculpture: Wood and Mixed Media
ARTT341Elements of Printmaking: Woodcut and Relief
ARTT341HElements of Printmaking: Woodcut and Relief
ARTT343Elements of Printmaking: Screen Printing
ARTT343HElements of Printmaking: Screen Printing
ARTT357Interactive Design
ARTT361Design Literacy: Decoding Our Visual Culture
ARTT370Elements of Digital Media
ARTT386Experiential Learning
ARTT389Department of Art Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship
ARTT399Department of Art Research Assistantship
ARTT418BAdvanced Drawing Studio; Advanced Drawing: Contemporary Approach
ARTT418HAdvanced Drawing Studio; Honors Advanced Drawing
ARTT428Advanced Painting Studio; Advanced Painting
ARTT428HAdvanced Painting Studio; Honors Advanced Painting
ARTT438AAdvanced Sculpture Studio
ARTT438DAdvanced Sculpture Studio
ARTT438EAdvanced Sculpture Studio
ARTT438HAdvanced Sculpture Studio
ARTT455Three Dimensional Graphic Design
ARTT458Graphic Design Portfolio; Advanced Graphic Design
ARTT469Professional Practice
ARTT479DAdvanced Digital Media Studio; Immersive and Virtual Environments
ARTT479EAdvanced Digital Media Studio; Art and Electronics
ARTT479HAdvanced Digital Media Studio; Honors Advanced Digital Media
ARTT489HAdvanced Special Topics in Art
ARTT489QAdvanced Special Topics in Art
ARTT498ADirected Studies in Studio Art
ARTT498BDirected Studies in Studio Art
ARTT498HDirected Studies in Studio Art; Honors Thesis
ARTT618Drawing; Drawing
ARTT628Painting; Painting
ARTT638Sculpture; Sculpture
ARTT648Printmaking; Printmaking
ARTT698ADirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT698BDirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT698CDirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art; Graduate Teaching Practicum
ARTT699ADirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT699BDirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT718Drawing; Drawing
ARTT728Painting; Painting
ARTT738Sculpture; Sculpture
ARTT748Printmaking; Printmaking
ARTT768Graduate Colloquium
ARTT798ADirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT798BDirected Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ARTT799Master's Thesis Research

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