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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BIOE120Biology for Engineers
BIOE121Biology for Engineers Laboratory
BIOE221Academic and Career Planning
BIOE232Bioengineering Thermodynamics
BIOE241Biocomputational Methods
BIOE340Modeling Physiological Systems and Lab
BIOE371Linear Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications
BIOE372Biostatistics for Experimental Design and Data Analysis
BIOE389CSpecial Projects in Bioengineering; Bioengineering Design Competitions
BIOE389FSpecial Projects in Bioengineering; iGEM Research Seminar
BIOE399Independent Study in Bioengineering
BIOE399HIndependent Study in Bioengineering
BIOE413Stem Cell Engineering
BIOE414Macroscale Biomechanics
BIOE437Computer-Aided Design in Bioengineering
BIOE442Python: Introduction to Programming and Data Analysis
BIOE447Clinical Experiences in Bioengineering
BIOE457Biomedical Electronics & Instrumentation
BIOE461Synthetic Biology and Biological Engineering
BIOE486Capstone Design II
BIOE489FSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; CFD/FEA Applications in Bioengineering
BIOE489HSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; BIOE Honors Seminar
BIOE489QSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Engineering Approaches to Photomedicine
BIOE489RSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Protein Engineering
BIOE489TSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Biopharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing
BIOE489WSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Advanced Biomaterials
BIOE604Cellular and Physiological Transport Phenomena
BIOE606BIOE Graduate Studies II
BIOE608Bioengineering Seminar Series
BIOE613Stem Cell Engineering
BIOE658ESpecial Topics in Bioengineering (M.Eng.); Biomedical Device Development
BIOE658PSpecial Topics in Bioengineering (M.Eng.); Physiology for Bioengineers
BIOE658YSpecial Topics in Bioengineering (M.Eng.); Applications of Tissue Engineering
BIOE689Special Topics in Bioengineering
BIOE689ASpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Engineering Approaches to Photomedicine
BIOE689TSpecial Topics in Bioengineering; Advanced Biomaterials
BIOE799Master's Thesis Research
BIOE898Pre-Candidacy Research
BIOE899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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