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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BUSM614Strategic Management
BUSM624Operations Management
BUSM626The Global Economic Environment
BUSM701Marketing Research Methods
BUSM702Consumer Behavior
BUSM705Brand Management
BUSM713Market Forecasting
BUSM733Valuation in Corporate Finance
BUSM735Financial Strategy for Corporations
BUSM738AInvestment Fund Management; Mayer Fund
BUSM750Project Management in Dynamic Environments
BUSM751Managing Supply Chains: Models & Analysis
BUSM758ASpecial Topics in Business; AI: Implications for Business Strategy
BUSM758ESpecial Topics in Business; Managing Global Business Risks and Opportunities
BUSM758ISpecial Topics in Business; Advanced Financial Modeling and Equity Analysis
BUSM758OSpecial Topics in Business; Navigating Organizational Networks
BUSM758SSpecial Topics in Business; Investments
BUSM758ZSpecial Topics in Business; Integrative Capstone
BUSM761Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
BUSM762Decision Analytics
BUSM771Leading Strategically
BUSM775Global Strategy
BUSM781International Economics for Managers
BUSM798QBusiness Consulting; Business Consulting I

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