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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CEE2814CEE Measurements
CEE2974Independent Study
CEE2994Undergraduate Research
CEE3014Construction Management
CEE3104Intro Environ Engr
CEE3274Intro Land Development
CEE3304Fluid Mech for CEE
CEE3314Water Resources Engineering
CEE3404Intro Structural Engineering
CEE3424Reinf Concr Struct I
CEE3434Design of Steel Structures I
CEE3514Intro to Geotechnical Engr
CEE3604Intro Transport Engr
CEE3684Civil Engineering Materials
CEE3804Computer Applications for CEE
CEE3814Analytics in CEE
CEE3900BEXP:CEE Experiential Learning
CEE3954Study Abroad
CEE4014Est, Prod & Cost Engr
CEE4074Const Means & Methods
CEE4114Fund Pub Health Engr
CEE4134Sustainable Systems
CEE4264Sustainable Land Development
CEE4274Land Development Design
CEE4284Adv Land Development Design
CEE4334Hydraulic Structures
CEE4344Water Resources Planning
CEE4384Coastal Engineering
CEE4394Urban Water Sustainability
CEE4404Intermediate Struct Analysis
CEE4534Earth Pres Fdn Struc
CEE4544Design of Earth Structures
CEE4554Natural Disasters
CEE4564Intro Coast Marine Geotechnics
CEE4624Pl Transportation Fac
CEE4654Geometric Design of Highways
CEE4694Freight Operations
CEE4804Prof & Legal Issues Civil Eng
CEE4844BIM and Integrated Practices
CEE4974Independent Study
CEE4994Undergraduate Research
CEE4994HUndergraduate Research
CEE5004Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment
CEE5014Facility Delivery & Financing
CEE5020Infrastructure Policy
CEE5080Infrastructure Asset Mgt
CEE5114Adv Sustainable Systems
CEE5120Emrgng Tool Env Field Rsrch
CEE5126Environ Engr Design
CEE5144Unit Ops & Proc Lab
CEE5184Tech Envir Analysis
CEE5264Sustainable Land Development
CEE5274Land Dev Design Projects
CEE5314River Mech & Sediment
CEE5390Adv Urban Water Sustainability
CEE5400Design of Prestressed Concrete
CEE5454Blast Resistant Design Strs
CEE5464Struc Dyn & Eq Engrg
CEE5490Structural Mechanics
CEE5500Numerical Methods in Geotech
CEE5544Foundation Engineering II
CEE5554Soil and Site Improvement
CEE5564Seepage and Earth Structures
CEE5600Civil Infrastructure Systems
CEE5614Air Transp Systems
CEE5624Transportation and Land Use
CEE5650Freight Operations & Planning
CEE5724Envir Monitor & Samp
CEE5744Topics in Struct Steel Design
CEE5854GAdvanced Coastal Engineering
CEE5874Coastal and Marine Geotechnics
CEE5894Final Examination
CEE5904Project and Report
CEE5974Independent Study
CEE5994Research and Thesis
CEE7994Research and Dissertation

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